February 21, 2013

Child-proof your home

Keeping your children safe is just as important as keeping them healthy. It is never too soon to child-proof your home. The minute you find out that you are having a baby or adopting a young child is the perfect time to start making sure your home is safe. Here are a few ways to child-proof.

Cover electrical outlets. Put outlet covers on all outlets that are not in use. Some outlet covers do not provide enough protection and may need to be secured with tape. Strategically place furniture in front of outlets that have cords plugged in to hide them from your child's view. You can also find outlet cord protectors that prevent young children from pulling cords out of the sockets. It is equally important to keep metal objects like keys and eating utensils out of your toddler's reach so that he or she does not try to stick them into an electrical outlet.

Eliminate choking hazards. Young children have a habit of putting just about everything into their mouths. Everything small enough to fit into a child's mouth is a potential choking hazard. Avoid giving your child toys that contain small pieces. Likewise, always cut food into very tiny pieces to prevent choking. Do not give your child grapes, strawberries, or other small round foods without first cutting them in half.

Secure door locks. Toddlers are known to wander out of the house while parents are sleeping. Make sure your toddler cannot unlock the doors to your home. Install hook or chain locks on doors to keep your child slipping outside. Door chimes or alarms will also alert you if your child opens a door leading outside.

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