January 24, 2013

Child Asthma and Cigarette Smoke

Child asthma drops after smoke ban. According to new reports, asthma in children is definitely linked to smoking. Research has indicated that following smoke-free laws, the rate of child asthma has dropped.

Smoke-free laws generally prohibit smoking in enclosed public place like restaurants and businesses. Researchers in England found that the rate of children admitted to hospitals for asthma attacks fell by more than 12% within the first year of the smoke ban.

Smoke-free areas already exist in the United States. Smoke-free laws help shield babies and children from the negative health affects associated with cigarette smoking. Second-hand smoke is dangerous, especially for young children. 

Parents who smoke should avoid smoking in the car with the windows closed when their children are passengers in the car. Likewise, smoking inside the home puts babies, children and non-smokers at risk for asthma and other health problems.

Dr. Oz offers advice on how to quit smoking at: “Stop Smoking”.

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