July 5, 2011

Keep Your Baby Healthy and Safe in Daycare

Daycare safety is a major concern of new parents. Although there are serious health and safety issues surrounding the use of daycare, there are steps that you can take as a parent to keep your child healthy and safe in daycare. It is essential to select a licensed, high-quality daycare center for your child, and speak up with any questions or concerns. Most importantly, trust your instinct. If something does not feel right, it probably isn't. Maternal instinct is a powerful gift. Did you know that 20% of SIDS deaths occur in childcare? Do you know the how to keep your child safe? Click here - 6 steps to keep your baby safe in daycare .

Parents seeking specific advice or with questions about their unique situations, can access personalized daycare/childcare advice at the following link: Daycare Questions?


  1. I am agreed that the health and well being of a child is one of the most important things that parents are always considered. I will definitely check out the link you've shared. Thanks!

  2. You are welcome. I hope you find the information helpful.

  3. I also agreed with you there that as parents, and as the health care providers for our children, their safety and well being is of utmost importance to us.
    Ann | Parenting Philippines

  4. Parents around the world want what is best for their children. Sometimes parents are faced with difficult choices, but they should always follow their instinct.