May 14, 2010

Create A Healthy Family: Exercise For Children

Obesity among children has become a national health concern. Children are not getting enough exercise in school or at home. Many schools have eliminated daily physical education classes, and only offer them once a week. At home, most children spend their free time watching television, playing video games or using the computer.

Children need to exercise their bodies everyday. If your children do not participate in sports, incorporate activities into your lifestyle to ensure that your children get the exercise they need.

Take a daily family walk. Schedule a daily evening walk for your family after dinner. Enjoy the fresh air, listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the beauty of nature. Evening is a great time for the family to enjoy a leisurely walk and wind down after a busy day. Just 15-20 minute walks will make a big difference in keeping you and your children physically fit.

Bicycle every weekend. Bicycle on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. If you do not have bicycles, or can not afford to purchase them for the family, consider renting bicycles on the weekends for a few hours, or find used bicycles at thrift stores. Another alternative is to consider roller skating as a family. Skates are less expensive than bicycles. Skating will provide the same exercise benefits as bicycling.

Get your kids to jump rope. Jump ropes are cheap, easy to use, and provide great exercise. Have your children jump rope on the front porch or in the driveway everyday after school for 10-15 minutes. This will relieve the stress from their day, lift their moods, and keep their bodies fit.

Dance around the family room. During extremely hot or cold weather, make sure .your children get exercise indoors. Put on some music and dance together as a family. Teach your children some dance moves from your generation, and let them teach you some dance routines from theirs. You could also use exercise DVDs.

These activities are fun, easy and will improve the physical health of your children. It will also motivate you to get in shape as well. Incorporate physical activities into your lifestyle today. The health of your family should be a number one priority.


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  2. Parents must not only teach their children the importance of healthy living, but they must also set an example. Children will be able to avoid many health problems in the future if healthy habits are established while they are young.